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Valentine’s Day Show Follow Up: What Should Women (20-somethings) be Looking For in a Man

February 17, 2010

This week is all about the ladies!!

For those of you that don’t know, I co-host a Christian radio show every Saturday from 6pm-8pm PST on KDIA AM1640. Our shows generally focus on issues that youth and young adults face and last Saturday we tackled the issue of Relationships: What should educated, single, Christian males look for in a woman?

On last Saturday’s show, me and my co-host Charles both talked about some of the qualities we look for in a woman (her walk with God has to be on point, compassionate, goofy, etc.) and why we look for those qualities. We also shed some light on the male perspective on some of the craziness we’ve experienced in past relationships. We had two young adult women in-studio (shout-out to Tameka and Nyah!!!) so we had both the male and female perspective during the discussion in addition to having people call in to the show to chime in on the subject. As you can imagine with any male/female discussion regarding relationships the show was very entertaining LOL. The feedback from last weeks show was so great that we decided that we had to do a follow-up show this week, except this time we wanted to explore what should educated, single, Christian women look for in a man?

So what does any of this have to do with all you lovely ladies??? Well I’m glad you asked!!! We would love to hear your opinions about what a single Christian woman should look for in a man and why. We want to hear from everyone not just the single women. I know some of you are married, engaged, or booed up to good Christian men so your insights would be a blessing and encouragement to all the single women that listen to the show that might not know what they should be looking for. Feel free to comment on this note or my wall and we will read your comments on the show. Even if you aren’t in the Bay Area you can listen to the show live by going to and clicking on the “Listen Now” button. If you want to call-in during the show it airs this Saturday from 6-8pm PST and the number is 510.262.9124.

Finally, if you’re in the Bay and would like to be an in-studio guest on the show or know someone who would be interested, hit me with a message in my inbox and we can try to set that up. Thanks for reading this long note and we look forward to reading your comments =)


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  1. B-Rich permalink
    February 20, 2010 8:07 PM

    Facebook post from Dunke Hughes:

    Thanks Brandan for including me in this note. Wow. The qualities that you and your friend Charles listed are definitely on track. I so agree with being in a relationship with God that has meaning. A man who is not afraid to grow is key, which means altering his thinking, not for me, but to be in fuller relationship with Christ. As I’m getting older and dating a bit more (anything is more than @ SU, lol), I realize that some men are just so set in societal norms that Christianity seems to be attire worn for women only. Pre-marital sex is a big issue, and shacking up, that I feel are societal norms. So the man who’s asking God to use His eyes to find me can’t be on that page. He has to be ambitious, but not selfish. The goals that he sets cannot be a one-way street. I would like for him to be working to embody love. One of the journeys God has me on is seeing if I measure up when in comes to for real for real agape love. God does throw His creation away, and I am challenging myself not to do so whether in thought or deed. So that means being forgiving. Not being petty. Sitting on that ego and not letting in hatch out an attitude, but being reflective and realizing that sometimes, the way I am treated is a reflection of how I treat God. And what does God do? He continues to love me beyond what I can understand. So yeah. The Him in him is what I’m “looking” for.

  2. B-Rich permalink
    February 20, 2010 8:09 PM

    Facebook post via Shanina Shumate:

    hmmm… what a single Christian woman should look for in a man and why…
    well…i wouldn’t say im lookin but investigatin … lol a fruit inspector… im just preparin to be the “good thing” as the word shares with us… lol

    But honestly, besides all the obvious spiritual, emotional and beyond physical appearance… u gotta have some characteristics that are complementary… for example, i am not the most affectionate person in the world… i even think their is a rule to give hugs…lol… so a characteristic for me would be affectionate/passionate.

  3. B-Rich permalink
    February 20, 2010 11:03 PM

    Facebook post via Emerald Taylor:

    This is a tricky question because I am now realizing as I get older and experiencing God more, that we as women need to wait for God to send someone to us and stop searching! Scripture says that he who FINDS a wife finds a good thing. Aside from that, a man should be of godly character, easy to love (meaning that he’s not bound by what the world thinks and he’s not going to shut down for fear of showing emotions), encouraged and motivated by my aspirations (not intimidated) and allows for the same, and knows how to lift me up in prayer! Money or education is not the key factor in determining a good match but God looks at the heart so we should be seeking Him.

  4. B-Rich permalink
    February 20, 2010 11:04 PM

    Facebook post via Tameka S. Johnson

    A single, educated, christian woman should look for a man who is God fearing. A God fearing man will not rob you of your love.But love u to the best of his ability. A God fearing man will support you and tell you to give all you worries to God. A God fearing man will not judge you on your faults but help you correct them. Words of wisdom to young ladies, Put your force on Jesus Christ and he will see that you will get the man God wants u to have. God Bless.

  5. findingstephanie permalink
    July 15, 2010 8:32 PM

    What should a woman be looking for in a man? She should be looking for a man who’s life is in order…in every regard. His financial house should be in order. He should spend less than he earns. He should be contributing to an investment plan. He should have no debt. He should have his career goals set and on track. Where he lives should reflect a man in charge of his life. He should fill his free time with healthy and positive activities. His friends should be positive people who know how to enjoy their lives. He should be healthy of mind, body and soul. His priorities should be in balance between work and play and friends and family. He should be a man who thinks in the long term and not immediate gratification. He should be a man who is a giver and not a taker…a saver and not a spender. He should be a man who sees a first date as two friends going out to have a nice time and get to know each other…not to trying to impress someone.

    That’s a good start…Women should expect that and men should know that’s what women expect.

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