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Should the Church be responsible for raising YOUR children?

March 5, 2010

Should the church be responsible be raising YOUR children? Hit the jump to hear B-Rich's thoughts on the topic.

By B-Rich

“Christian Parent”.  When you think about that term what immediately comes to mind?  A parent that’s loving? One that’s encouraging? What about a parent that’s selfless?  Maybe all of the above?  Or maybe the first thought that crossed your mind was the word “hypocrite”?  Do I have your attention now?  Good.  For many of the kids that are growing up in the present Church, this last statement is all too often a sad reality.  I know, I know, you’re a great parent and a saved and sanctified Christian! You just don’t see how this topic has anything to do with you, right?  WRONG!!! After I say my piece I can GURANTEE that you know at least one Christian parent that needs to hear what I’m about to say.  So sit back, relax, and I’ll try to make this as painless as possible….or not.

After all the craziness that went down during the church shooting that took place in Richmond a few weeks ago I can remember thinking three things: 1) WOW these kids actually went in a church DURING service and started shooting!!! 2) What did the two kids that got shot get involved in OUTSIDE of church that followed them back INTO the church? 3) How much of the blame should we place on these kids for behavior they most likely learned from their likely Christian parents?

While the first thought garnered the biggest response from me initially, the implications of thoughts two and three loomed even larger the longer I thought about them.  Let me explain. As the youth director at my own church I’m constantly drilling into my kids’ heads the need for them to live out loud what they profess to believing when I see them at church.  Most of their behavioral problems that take place outside of church rarely manifest when they are actually in church.  So I started to question “Why is that?”  Sure, while the fact that they KNOW Brother Brandan will straight embarrass them if they even think about being disrespectful plays a part, that definitely doesn’t come close to explaining this phenomenon. After speaking to some of my kids privately it’s become apparent what the giant elephant in the room really is…… they are mimicking the behavior of their Christian parents.

As a Christian parent, how can you profess to being a Christian when you put up a super-spiritual façade for the rest of us church folks to see?  Does the fact that your kids know that this version of you is the exact opposite of the “real you” they experience Monday-Saturday not bother you at all?  How do you justify that behavior to them?  Now before we go any further let me make one thing clear.  I understand that none of us are perfect, myself included.  I have areas in my life that need improvement just like everyone else.  But in the words of Pastor James Tippins, “It’s not a sin to struggle with sin, but it IS a sin to snuggle with it.”  This means that God expects us to struggle against our flesh daily but He doesn’t expect us to get so comfortable in the sin we struggle with to the point that we stop fighting against it.

Since when did it become acceptable to bring your kids to church to learn God’s word with the expectation that will obey it when you don’t hold yourself to the same standard?  You expect the Church to raise your kids to be godly men and women, but you forget that they spend the majority of their week with YOU.  How do they reconcile the truth we teach them about God’s word with the ungodly lifestyle that you live out in front of them DAILY as their Christian parents?  They don’t!!!  It confuses and frustrates them to the point where they figure that’s what it must mean to be an adult so they start mimicking your behavior.  Then what happens? Your kids grow up to be hypocrites themselves and perpetuate the cycle with their kids.

As the Church we need to wake up and stop playin’ church!!!  If you profess to being Christian back it up with actions!!! James 2:17 states that, “faith without works is DEAD and USELESS.”  Last I checked being a Christian meant that you were a follower of Christ.  Ask yourself “Who am I following?”  If we would take the time to stop and take an honest assessment of the state of the Church, we would see that my generation and your kids’ generation are noticeably absent.  When your generation is gone who will continue to lead the Church?  If you as Christian parents don’t partner with the Church to raise your kids the answer to that question is clear­– no one.  Just my two cents.


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  1. Uncle Rich permalink
    March 15, 2010 3:25 PM

    nice needs more meat…need to cut a little deeper or maybe take off the gloves…sometime it not just the parents doing wrong but it can also be that kids do not want to listen like they know it all and you know we know someone like that but it still a work in progress. sometime someone else does need to stand in the gap love you brandon

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