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Cole’s Take on Current Events

March 11, 2010

College Bound!

Um…Mainstream Media is Really Letting Me Down

So here’s the deal.  The Cole & B-Rich show wanted to try things a little differently for the next show.  We decided to just pull our topics out of the headlines and dig right in.  We enjoy talking about issues that “Christian” talk shows won’t discuss.  So as I’m perusing the headlines on March 10, 2010 at my local Starbucks (my hang-out) I was really disappointed.  I hit up the usual suspects: CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo!, and Google.  Nothing really caught me, and I continuously found myself asking, “Why is this news?” I did run into a story about the Vatican’s exorcist blaming the recent rash of sexual abuse and pedophilia which only left me shaking my head.  (Feel free to read it here) Nope, I’ll leave that topic to my mentors.

So then I went into my next level of media.  My trusted posts and blogs that tend to have the topics that I feel inform me on what I need to know.  Those include The Huffington Post, The BBC (I enjoy what’s going on outside of The States), and just because I’m a hip-hop head.  Those offered something, but there still wasn’t much substance so I’m just going to run through some of what I ran across and what I should have seen.

Headline #1: Corey Haim Passing Away

A troubled soul passed away today.  Drugs are suspected in being a factor in his death.  The young man was huge in the 80’s alongside his best friend Corey Feldman.  Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies to this day and who can forget the Goonies.  Haim was your typical troubled child star that inevitably succumbed to all the pressures his fame led him to.  At time of this post, Haim’s death was the top news story around the country.

Headline #2: Kansas City, MO, closing nearly half its schools-Budget is Short $50 million

The School board narrowly approved (5-4 vote) a measure that will close 29 of its 61 schools.  The recession has basically crippled the region to the point where they are projected to be $50 million over budget.  I respect this headline a more than the previous one, but how long will it be a headline.  All it is is a sound bite because as a country we should officially be force-fed Ritalin because we definitely have ADD.  I mean think about it, how often are we hearing about the Katrina region nowadays? I feel terrible for Chile; we spent so much time with Haiti that folks act like they’re now desensitized to an 8.8 earthquake.  But I digress.

After reading the story, I sympathize for those folks in Kansas City and Detroit and any other place where the budget is so horrendous that we need to essentially choose between our children and helping our mentally ill citizens.  Or closing afterschool programs versus closing clinics.  Frankly, it sucks and we will definitely discuss this more on Saturday’s show.  What do you think about the story?

Headline #3: Lil’ Wayne Goes To Jail

This news story was very hard to escape.  Everywhere I turned in the last week, I could not go without hearing about Wayne going to jail.  Lil’ Wayne is going to jail for illegal possession of a firearm found on his tour bus.   I’m seeing “Free Lil Wayne” T-shirts pop up all over the place.  It’s crazy.

I don’t wish to see another brother locked up but at the same time pick your battles.  You look crazy as hell picketing for Lil’ Wayne to get released from jail.  Let me share something with you, he is currently hip-hop’s biggest star.  His life in jail may be more comfortable than your life out here.  He’s a talented dude, not my favorite but I’d be a fool to not recognize his impact on our generation.  The idolatry is running rampant around this one.

Think about it, this dude just had simultaneous baby mamas that show each other love via twitter.   Secret polygamists, eat your heart out.  Big Love has nothing on Dwayne Carter.  Crazy! Folks, he is a man.  Just a man.  No wonder he keeps purple syrup in his cup all the time! Put it like this, if you are that upset about Wayne going to jail, just remember you’ll hear from him just as much as you do now, NONE!! I’m sorry, but it isn’t news.

What Should Have Been Front-Page News

Headline: All Seniors at Black High School Get Accepted into College

In Chicago, all 107 of Urban Prep Academy Charter High School-Englewood’s seniors were accepted into at least one 4-year University.  Students were required to take double time English classes along with having to attend mandatory afterschool programs.  Why isn’t this story being blasted all over the stratosphere? If it would have fallen in line with all of the violence that has plagued my hometown of Chicago over the past few years, I’m sure we would have heard more about it.

This is a huge accomplishment, while other schools are closing and firing all of its teachers, Urban Prep figured something out. Their model should be studied and replicated across the country.  But this isn’t news, at least not in the way that Americans like to take in news.  There’s no tangible villain.  There’s no Tiger Woods that we can place scorn or ‘roided out athlete that we can now say that we are ashamed of.   There are no ethics violations that can make us feel better about our own indiscretions as flawed humans or situations that allow us to gallop away on our high, white-noble, horse.

As Christians, we put our faith in God and we say, “Lord, have your way”.  I know that I definitely do.  However, that doesn’t give us an excuse to be ignorant.  People, schools are closing, colleges are excepting less, and the job market is steadily shrinking.  If you are a parent of a child still in school and you do not know what’s going on then on some level you are failing your children.  The fact that our faith lies in God does not exempt you from being knowledgeable.  It doesn’t.  Not even a little bit.

I’m a hip hop fiend, but if your child is running around YOUR house singing about some “Birthday Sex” then we have to look at ourselves.  If your child is equating Lil’ Wayne to Malcolm X or W.E.B. Dubois, we have to look at ourselves.  If in your social circles, all you do is discuss sports then we have to start looking at ourselves.  If all you and your girlfriends do is discuss how there are no good men out there then we have to start looking at ourselves.  All of us! I say us because we all partake in meaningless banter.

How much do you really know about the health care bill?  Is it enough to have a valid opinion on it?  What programs are getting cut in your district/city due to budget constraints?   Who’s running in your district? There are a lot of things going on.  All I’m saying is inform yourselves.  I want you all to list some news that should be on everyone’s radar. Let us know.

Just my random thoughts and blabbing.


-Cole Out

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  1. March 13, 2010 11:50 AM

    I like the direction being taken on this show. Should be pretty hot!

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