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Racism 2010 Style Press Release: Let’s Do It Again

May 3, 2010

RELIGAZINE MEDIA GROUP presents ISSUES AFTER DARK – COLE and B-RICH STYLE with your hosts Charles Cole III and Brandan Richardson each and every Monday night 9:30pm PDT. Charles and Brandan kick off the official syndication show for ISSUES AFTER DARK hosted by Dion and Antoine every Tuesday – Friday Night.

Today’s topic: RACISM: 2010 STYLE. This show will be an explosive look into the changing dynamics of racism in America. Since the election of President Barack Obama it seems clear that racist thoughts have surfaced in blatant ways – or has it? The discussion will center around current legislation passed by the State of Arizona and whether the election of President Barack Obama was just a moment or a movement in American history.

Tonight’s guests include – Ricky Jones, Ph.D., Morris O’Kelly and Rev. Arnold Townsend.

Ricky Jones, Ph.D. – University of Louisville professor PAN AFRICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT and Founder of the Center for Study of Crime and Justice in Black Communities. Dr. Jones will focus on varied topics including the election of President Barack Obama being a moment or a movement.

Morris O’Kelly – Graduate of Georgetown University and CEO of The Mo’Kelly Report. The Mo’Kelley Report is an entertainment journal with a political slant; published weekly at The Huffington Post and It is meant to inform, infuse and incite meaningful discourse…as well as entertain. The Mo’Kelly Report is syndicated by Blogburst. For more on Mo’Kelly, visit Mo’Kelly can be reached at and he welcomes all commentary. Mr. O’Kelly will focus on a variety of issues regarding racism in the entertainment field, as well as, how Young America is handling the nuances of today’s racial matters.

Rev. Arnold Townsend – Vice President of the NAACP San Francisco Branch, former consultant to the LAW Offices of Willie L. Brown Jr., former staff for National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing and Co-Pastor of Rhema Word Christian Fellowship, SF/Daly City. Rev. Townsend will focus on the need for a national conversation regarding the lingering effects of racism via slavery on the descendants of slaves AND the descendants of slave masters. His contention is that many seek to understand why the descendents of slaves can not “move on”, yet do not equally explore the reasons descendants of slave masters likewise can not do so.

ISSUES AFTER DARK – Cole and B-Rich Style is listener supported and a LIVE Call-in national radio Broadcast. To make your on air comments, call – 1-888-367-5329 during the show’s airing (9:30pm – 11:30pm PDT). You can listen online, in real time, (Click LISTEN LIVE)

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  1. Jeremy Storm permalink
    October 29, 2010 1:43 PM

    Racism is just another tool that Satan and his secular army use to draw you away from what is really important. He uses it to oppress and divide us as Christians so that we may not grow in numbers. He knows that their is strength in numbers and he will use ANYTHING to divide us.

    I agree that to this day there is still a problem with racism from ALL sides, but lets not focus on the “WHY” but instead focus on leading by example. Being a white man who happens to be in a relationship with a woman that comes from Cuban decent the two of us have a unique opportunity to expose society to something that they may not see often. I have been asked multiple times by white, black, and even hispanic people how the two of us ended up together and I tell everybody that I love her heart and that she was the woman that God meant for me to be with.

    I am in NO way shape or form boasting about myself when I say this because truth be told I have done nothing except allow God to speak through me. This is how we need to handle this situation instead of asking “WHY”….It doesn’t really matter why because asking that question will not solve the problem. Just remember that Jesus died on the cross for ALL man so to ALL man we shall spread the WORD. Praise Jesus!!!!!

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